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E stablishment founded at the beginning of the decade of the 50 by D. Manuel Oliva Martín, run by D. Julián Oliva as of 1986; happening to be community of goods directed by the same Julian Oliva and its children denominating itself Julian Oliva C.B. in year 2000. The Church of Santo Tomé is located in the street of San Juan de God Nº1 and 4 corner with the Seat of the Count exactly before where it is the most famous panel of "the Greco", "the burial of the count of Orgaz", exactly in the beginning of the old district of Jew where are the Synagogues of the Transit and the one of Santa Maria the White, the house museum of the Greco and the Monastery of San Juan of the Kings..

O ur establishment has a exhibition of more than 100 square meters of all type of articles of toledana crafts, as they are:

Photo of the store
T he damascene one: art characteristic of the city of Toledo processed with the matters bases as they are the steel and the 24 gold of kilates and, occasionally, 22 gold of kilates and silver. They are incrustations of these noble metals in a steel base that previously has lined fine, longitudinal and cross-sectionally all the surface to damascene, denominating pricked or lined process of. Once bordered, one goes to make the process drawn with the thread or laminates of gold of outlining the forms with a striker pin of flat base of 1 mm of diameter. With a striker pin of 3 mm of diameter, one becomes engraved by means of I completely strike of a small hammer or pole on the striker pin closing themselves the bordered one and paying attention gold to the steel. Later the bronzed piece is put under, that it is a caustic insipid nitrate and bath of potash to a temperature of between a 700 and 800 degrees, causing oxidation in the steel taking a black color. Once the piece is bronzed, it is come to the reviewed one and burnished from same by means of burins or the chisels of different mouth obtaining itself different resistances brightness and burnishings. This technique is applied to great variety of objects, every day to more, as they can be: medallones, clasps, pastilleras bracelets, slopes, boxes of and contact lenses, clocks of all type of size, carry photos, mirrors, polveras, cigarette cases, lighters, agendas, diverse coffers of size, plates of between 4 cm. up to 40 cm., panels, jars, and in all type of arms like knives, knives, daggers, swords and pistols.

Photo of the interior of the store
A rms of time: reproductions of swords using diverse qualities of steel, from the superb carbon steel to the simple rustic steel, passing through the stainless steel and the nickel-plated steel. Also there are reproductions crossbows, shields, halberds, pistols of sudden pedernal and, mount knives and knives and hunt of diverse qualities and armors of different sizes from 24 cm. to natural size (2m. of height) as much from foot as to horse with great variety of finished models.
San Juan de Dios, 1 y 4
(In front of the Church of Santo Tomé)
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